Roane Namuh – Petrichor Remixes & Instrumentals

Always giving the listener something new and fresh, Liquid Beat Records, repping the PNW lovely comes back with this release. It’s a follow up to the applauded Petrichor EP, as Roane Namuh gives us the remixes and instrumentals record with some of today’s best and talented producers out there. Collabing with producers Buscrates, DJ Spinna, Proh Mic, NorthernDraw, Hodini, and Inkswel, this record travels to different planes, elevated by the talented pool of artists/ producers who put their own spin on each track. Spinna takes the already dope “Smoke” track featuring Blossom (one of our faves on the label; please check the artist out) and moves the needle up to eleven with some forward beatsmith boom to the bap action. A great way to get you motivated during the day. Hodini takes “Crimson” and moves it to a minimal house beat with a swanky bass and handclaps that we can truly dig. Super heavy on the synths, this is late-night groove at its finest in 2020. NorthernDraw takes a stab at this track and while it’s slower on the BPM tip, it’s still running right into the late-night groove and pushes hard (the vocals hit hard). We dig both from start to finish. Liquid Beat has also included all of the original instrumentals on this record, which, let’s be honest, knock on their own. This is a great, complete package between the two releases. If you are not on their Liquid Beat’s level, get on it. They are putting out some of the most important records you never heard of in the last ten years. If you don’t know your future, then you don’t know your past. Listen to the tracks below and grab this thing, it’s out tomorrow.

Buy the record here.

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