Ghost Funk Orchestra – Step Back Wild Child

With a taste of their new long-player An Ode To Escapism on Karma Chief/ Colemine, Ghost Funk Orchestra really tap into that early to mid-seventies David Axelrod groove here on this single “Step Back Wild Child”. With heavy drums, finely arranged strings, and literal orchestral maneuvers in the dark side of your mind, Applebaum and company take you where we’ve all been before. These dusty grooves here in 2020 come from the reality of our surroundings It’s a psychedelic soul party and you’re the star with Ghost Funk Orchestra as the soundtrack to this wild ride. And speaking of wild rides, the vocals on this track are just plain nuts. It reminds us a bit of the vocals on “Oblighetto” by Brother Jack McDuff; one of our favorite tracks and the first record we ever reviewed on this very site more than 13 years ago. They haunt us, and if we close our eyes on that track we get the same feeling. This has got just the right cinematic and psychedelic elements into it that at some point some digger is going to sample these guys and we’re all going to say: “I know that track!”. We’ve said it before about GFO and we will say it again. This is serious musical business and for sure a band to watch out for if you like these arrangements and that heavy Axe type production. Have a listen to the track below and then pre-order the full length after the stream. GFO is what you need in your mind baby, you just don’t know it yet.

Pre-order the record here.

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