What’s Going On?

We are not going to bang on about the importance of this song in musical history, but we felt that this new project, which has nine independent artists covering one of, if not the most important song ever made needed to be out there. Artists include The Terri Green Project, Cornell “CC” Carter, Randy Hall, Marc Staggers, Michelle Lawson, The Weather Girls, David A. Tobin, Rob Hardt, and Miracle Thomas among others, and in these trying times, we really felt that this version would bring some positivity and light to people’s faces. Also, since today is Veterans Day here in America, it is a hat tip and nod to my Pops, who is a veteran himself, served proudly in Vietnam, and is the sole reason I am in this music game. He had a small record collection (which I still have to this day) and taught me about vinyl records and soul music. This track put forth by all of these musicians (who are stars in their own right) have done a great job to honor not just Marvin Gaye, but to keep his musical and sociopolitical spirit alive. I often wonder if Marvin was alive today, what would he say? He might ask what’s going on yes, but would he have been able to put together another anthem of a lifetime like this with all of this craziness that has gone on since he’s left? We’d like to think so. So sit back here, close your eyes and ask yourself what is really going on people. The Terri Green Project and friends have two versions here for you (we like the second track, the original, over the first) but quite honestly they are both really fantastic. The limited-edition seven-inch is sold out on Bandcamp, but available in a couple of othet places. This is a welcome edition to your record shelves if we do say so ourselves. Listen to the tracks below:

Get the record here.

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