PREMIERE: Certified Craftsmen- Still People

Today’s premiere is from the crew Certified Craftsmen and their new record “Still People.” Composed of Dutch producer/DJ Propo’88 and Bronx-born, Kyoto-based emcee Wildelux, you may have heard of them from their last single “Hey”, but if you haven’t, we’ve got the world premiere scoop here at Flea Market Funk. Being from opposite sides of the globe may be a problem for others, but this duo forms like Voltron to go off, go off on this funky seven. It’s something that will occupy your turntable for quite some time. This is exactly what we want to hear in our hip hop. No BS, straight and to the point, carefully crafted beats and rhymes.

Taking their time to create the best version of themselves for the world to see. Being comfortable in one’s own skin. By being one’s self without any filters to hide behind, the world will see how genuine the person is in his or her craft and therefore they are certified by the people,


Let’s just talk about the instrumental itself, which is slap heavy and has drums as hard as nails. Sure it’s boom bap to the core, but breaking it down to the very last compound we have tight horn stabs and a head-nodder from start to finish. Let’s move on to the flow and verses from Wildelux. Smooth and silky but striking like a cobra, there is a lot of stillness going on in the world. Still people, still complaining, still lying, still trying, he goes on. This point rings true here in 2020. He may reside in Japan but his Bronx swagger shows through on this track to the fullest. This is one of the best rap singles of the year, representing hip hop to the fullest. Stream the track below and pre-order after the stream as it’s available for purchase on Nov. 30th.

Pre-order the record here from Rucksack Records.

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