Feeling This Friday: Long Distance Dan – Strange Times

It’s Friday so you know we have to tell you what we’ve been feeling. This week it’s our old sonic pal Long Distance Dan and his sophomore effort Strange Times on Dusted Industries. The one-man band so to speak has been out in the wild for the last two years and he’s come back stronger than ever. Drawing inspiration from the changing world around him, be it political or social, he’s put in influences musically that include hip hop, jazz, funk, psychedelic rock, library music, shoegaze, lo-fi and more.

I wouldn’t say there is a political message, but there is definitely an underlying political feel to the album.

Long Distance dan

He gets some help from one of our all-time favorites (Nosaj from New Kingdom) on a few tracks. If you haven’t been touched by their Paradise Don’t Come Cheap it would be wise to search for this absolute cult classic which still can be found in bins all over the world. “Electric”, which sees Dan get behind the mic and put it down in a hip hop/ Sleaford Mods style, and “Jesus Was A Carpenter” (also featuring Kid Acne) bangs hard as the hammer hitting metal as well. Long Distant Dan has moved further on his quest with instrumental beats too, putting on extra layers to the psychedelic bangers we heard from two years ago. Whether it’s the gritty “Metallic Rise”, the jazzy, lo-fi “Owl Down”, or the almost industrial “Full Beam”, we’re behind this record from start to finish. He’s been touched by politics as we said earlier, “High Flying Drones” recounts his views of Donald Trump visiting Portsmouth on the 75th Anniversary of D-Day and was written that very same day. This is a track that is as punk rock/ hip hop as you can get. The title track, over seven minutes of goodness really sums up the last few years of Dan’s life. From the tumult of politics to the elephant in the room everywhere, the Corona Virus, this one ebbs and flows to the current state of affairs both positively and negatively. An interesting aural journey from 2020 to beyond. Listen to the record below and buy it after the stream.

Get the album here.

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