The Damn Straights – The World’s On Fire (Let It Burn)

It seems like this global pandemic has brought the best in a lot of musicians and put together some great collaborations throughout this last eight months or so. While the world has changed in a lot of ways; the way we live, these kinds of changes have lit a fire in the creative community like we haven’t seen in a while. Don’t get us wrong, we have seen creativity every day for the last thirteen plus years, but in this most unusual time, we’ve seen and heard some unbelievable projects getting put out. This latest project, a collaboration between musician/ producer Lack of Afro and Emcee Herbal T should perk up a lot of ears. Together, they go by the name The Damn Straights, and the name’s quite fitting. There are no words minced and they tell it like it is on the single “The World’s On Fire”(Let It Burn)”. Over some heavy beats that are the bastard child of Run The Jewels meet Caesar Frazier and MC 900 Foot Jesus, Herbal T waxes poetic about the state of the world at this time while Lack of Afro provides the drums of doom. Whether it’s being tracked by Google, giving up your privacy to put apps on your phone, microchipping, facial recognition, and more, the state of the world is not in a good way and we as humans need to make some changes before it’s too late. Or do we? By letting it burn we could start from scratch and maybe make a difference. It’s brain food for thought and this one knocks hard. We’ve seen great things from both of these artists on the solo tip but as a group, they are getting a very important message across. The world is in trouble more than ever, but even so, the world needs The Damn Straights more than ever right now. Listen to the track below and look out for an EP coming to your ears soon.

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