Vinyl Age: A Guide To Record Collecting Now

There’s a million books on records out there. Some good, some bad. Whether it’s vinyl hunting stories in paperback, ebook, or a coffee books like Dust & Grooves: Adventures In Record Collecting (gotta plug that gem), the vinyl record collector/ fanatic has a lot to choose from. If you’ve been in the record game in the last decade or so, you know who Carolina Soul is. You’ve either bought from them, had them put your vinyl on consignment, or you’ve at least heard of them. Perhaps you even chatted with them at the WFMU Record Fair in NYC. But what if you didn’t do that? What if you’re a noob (or a seasoned collector)and you either want to know how to get started in the game or just refine how you’re collecting. Enter Vinyl Age. This is the definitive guide to every aspect of record collecting in the digital era and the guide to have in the post-internet era. Before the internet, before the instant gratification of Discogs and record sites (like this very site), you had to get a ‘zine, you had to be in a record store that could get these rare records, or hell, even knew someone who about them. Author Max Brzezinski of Carolina Soul Record, one of the world’s best high-end vinyl record dealers breaks it down in all ways about the vinyl record game. He gives the reader an insight into an otherwise tough skill to pick up unless you’ve been doing it for decades. His knowledge from digging through multiple hundreds of thousands of piles of wax for years is passed on to the reader. From the oldest collector to the newest fan, the insight and analysis of the record game in this book is top-notch. Never before have we seen it broken down (with statistics from Carolina Soul to boot!) like this. This book is a must for any vinyl record lover who wants to refine their collection, learn more about the craft, and simply further enjoy this wonderful object we call a vinyl record that has shaped and changed so many of our lives and continues to do so on a daily basis. It’s out right now and we say run to your local book store and grab it.

Get the book here.

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