Push The Fader: The Paradise Hoodie

With everything going on this year and the future uncertain for shutdowns, etc., we thought we’d highlight some stuff we were feeling for your socially distanced holidays. Or, if you just want to send someone a gift that’s cool too. Who doesn’t like to get a gift once in a while? Today’s goodness comes from Brooklyn’s own DJ Center from Push The Fader. You may remember him from our reviews of the “Dem Say Ah” remix and of course the Center and Sly5thAve reworking of Sade Adu’s “Paradise” featuring Thalma de Freitas. Let’s take that one step further and have that imagery from the front cover put on tees and hoodies. The cover art was done by the talented INDIE 184, and this bold, gold colorway was one that stuck out in our minds. Printed on a heavyweight hoodie in premium ring-spun cotton, 3-end fleece. Soft feel, generous fit, and fleece-lined hood (10oz / 330 gm.) this one is guaranteed to turn heads as well as keep you warm and stylish wherever you go. While we love to highlight records here as much as we can, we can not deny some of the merch independent artists are putting out (as well as records) as all of us creative types are struggling through these difficult times. So, if you dig the Queen, Helen “Sade” Folasade in all her glory, and you want to look fresh as well, this one is for you. There’s also a tee and like we said earlier, the hoodie comes in a variety of colors. Click below to grab one for yourself or another Sade lover! Support independent artists in all ways.

Get the hoodie here in a variety of colors.

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