The LB’s: “Broasted Or Fried” b/w Soul’s Path Ensemble “Stop Tryin’ “

Rocafort Records comes through again with the forty-five heat with a two sider of extremely hot sides for your turntable. They’re known for bringing the heat and this is exactly what we’re talking about. ROC-38 is a gathering of Seattle’s finest musicians and we are excited to play and talk about this one. If you’ve ever put the needle on Willie Bobo’s “Broasted Or Fried”, you know the way it makes you feel. The energy that Bobo let out was indeed one of a kind. That energy continues here on this record with The L.B.’s who are: Grant Schroff (drums), Ben Bloom( guitar), Nathan Spicer (keyboards), Jason Gray (bass), Art Brown (saxophone), Peter Daniel (saxophone,. Jason Cressey (trombone), and Joel Ricci (trumpet/percussion). This group of talented musicians (putting out music in a variety of fine funk bands themselves) gives the same kind of high energy Bobo did. Updated and more like a private press version that was discovered in some box of 45s in a yard sale, this one has some lo-fi (but high energy dance floor moves) qualities and a drum break that make it super special. Thumbs up on the A.

The flip “Stop Tryin’ ” by Soul’s Path Ensemble is another private sounding kind of side. You know the ones: golden brown label, black printing, and heavy grooves. You drop the needle and the slow burner of sticky heat just oozes off of the turntable. “What is this?” you say. This has to be some enjoy the experience, long lost Southern funk B-Side. It’s really got that quality with horns, organ, and dirty drums that hit oh so nice. Featuring Oliver Klomp (drums), Ben Bloom (guitar), Delvon LaMarr (organ), Jason Gray (bass), Thomas Deakin (saxophone), Mars Lindgren (trombone), Art Brown (saxophone), and Joel Ricci (trumpet), this group of players really lays it down. Listen to both sides below:

Get the record here.

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