In One Piece: In One Piece

Well, leave it to Mukatsuku Records to once again bring us some crazy slice of unreleased West Coast funk to groove to. This time it comes from the vaults of the Bay Area, Oakland. California to be exact, and the man George Semper of The Perfect Circle. The Godfather of Bay Area soul, who has given us a heavy piece of raw funk from the band In One Piece and a tack of the same name does not disappoint. Featuring vocalist Cindy Jones, this siren gets down with some ultra raw singing over heavy drums, wah-wah guitar, and the organ of Mr. Rodney Franklin. It’s for sure the heavy funk you’re looking for and Mukat has come through with a winner on this one. It’s a lot like “Sweet Songs” vocal wise, standing on the edge of a heavy funk-jazz poetry record, but it has got legs of its own that carry this record all the way through funkwise. Mukat has seriously been able to unearth these gems in multiple genres, but you know we have a sweet spot here for a funk record like this. The flip side is the instrumental version of the track, never heard or released, so that is a bonus with this one. RIYL Sarah Webster Fabio meets B-Boy feels and dirty organ with your wah-wah infused drum breaks. I’d say buy two because you know you want to cut up doubles with your butter rugs. Have a sample of the track at the link below, and purchase the limited pressed 45 from the same link. Mukatsuku still bringing the heat here in 2020 and beyond.

Listen and purchase here.

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