Far East: I’m In Love

Just in time for year’s end, NYCT sneaks in one of the best records of the year into their bag of releases and on to turntables around the world. Always ahead of the curve and on the minds of music conscious individuals all over, they give us the many moods of Far East. Cozying up to the sound that has dominated early 1980’s radio airwaves and dancehalls from London to Jamaica to NYC, this sound will always rule. The sound we talk about is Lover’s Rock. A distinct sound and movement that to this day stops grown men in their tracks to croon and swoon is captured beautifully by Far East, passed on to a new generation of listeners as well as old fans of the genre. As authentic as it can be, yet updated and tailor-made to their very own sound, this is how we want 2020 to go out. Taking a dope song in its own right “I’m In Love” and transforming it into what it is on this 12″ is an incredibly good look. Lead vocalist Maddie Ruthless grabs you right by the collar and gets in your face sweetly speaking of love, ain’t no doubt about it. This is such a timeless New York record with a New York sound and great interpretation that you will not be able to stop playing it. Nostalgic, yes. Classic, yes. Timeless, absolutely yes. The world needed this record right now. We’ve said it before, but to be perfectly honest: it needs it more than ever. The grit and determination of reggae music wins again and again. Another is proof positive that NYCT has staked their claim as one of the most exciting and finger on the pulse record labels of what’s next and what hot out there since day one. This record was produced by Channel Tubes and recorded at Hive Mind, which just churns out the hits. Stream “I’m In Love” and more below and pre-order after the stream.

Pre-order the record here.

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