Strata Records: The Sound of Detroit Reimagined by Jazzanova

For those Jazz lovers and crate diggers out there, you are by now aware of the great Strata Records out of Detroit. The seminal, revolutionary label formed by Kenny Cox, Charles Moore, and others has been applauded by everyone from Theo Parish to Gilles Peterson and more. NYC and Berlin, Germany based DJ Amir Abdullah has been releasing some of their back catalogs over the last 10 years on his label 180 Proof that has given collectors and new listeners a chance to experience this very important label. He’s got a new project going with the label: The Sound of Detroit Reimagined by Jazzanova. The band will reimagine the sounds of this great label as they do with other artists and labels and make it their own. From Post-Bop, Broken Beat, House, or even Hip Hop, Jazzanova is one of the most unique and talented bands that reconstructs music and takes it into parts unknown, creating new compositions and sounds with each relick they do. The band will use ten musicians and producers to recontextualize the music of the great label over twenty days in January 2021. Amir and 180 Proof is starting a Kickstarter to get this project off the ground, put out a record, and film a documentary of the making of the record. Here is a short video explaining the process and how you can get involved with it.

If you are a vinyl record collector, the Strata label and what it stands for, Jazzanova, DJ Amir, or just a music historian who wants to see where this goes, this is an outstanding project to back with some great perks for sure. Check out the whole project at the link below and help back this really special release.

Help fund this project here.

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