The Allergies: Gather Around b/w Jumping Off

It doesn’t have to be the holidays for the always-on time duo The Allergies. This time they are “Jumping Off” with their new single. On this new single they have reached back into their catalog to get some sampling material. Yes, you heard that right, the samplers have now become the sampler. Not uncommon, but for this band, it shows so much growth and material that we’re tickled that this is what they did on the new single. Using vocals from frequent collaborator and unofficial third member Andy Cooper (Ugly Duckling), the dynamic duo have moved into the big beat territory with this one. It’s a dance floor bomber who’s title rings very true. This thing does jump off with Cooper’s vocal stabs, heavy, heavy drums, and head-nodding grooves that make your feet move. With a huge breakdown/ build up, this is exactly where we love to see the lads heading once in a while. It’s a massive drop for 2020 (just in time for the holidays), so we can’t wait to see and hear what 2021 has in store for The Allergies. The flip, “Gather Around” is a soulful shaker that will have the parties jumping when we get back to club biz (whenever that is!). Another two-fisted bag of dynamite from Bristol, UK on their last drop of the year, or is there another in their back pocket for us to jump off to? We’ll have to wait and see, the year isn’t over yet. Listen below and get more info on this very limted, 300 piece pressed piece of black crack

Get the record here.

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