PM Warson: Every Day (Every Night)

Every once in a while you need to change your pace. You need to change direction. You need to smell the roses and breathe. It’s hard these days. We get it. Pandemic be damned, there’s still a lot of great music to open your eyes and ears to. This one we have today is one of them. PM Warson, producer and musician based out of London, England has a banger of a forty-five out right now on Légère Recordings. It’s a record that some may say is a bit out of bounds for Flea market Funk, but we are definitely feeling it. Légère Recordings has been steadily putting out some really diverse records over the years. Rare French funk, jazz to a record like this: a sixties R & B screamer with lots of Hammond organ, fuzzy guitar, and a rockabilly / soul feel with a girl back up vocals. This one is really out of sight. For those who are searching, whether it be for a reason or searching for some kind of soul (your own or otherwise), this is the track for you. Recorded pre-pandemic in a tiny studio in Old London town when the world was very different, this song is more important than ever. The flip is a bang-up cover of the Ashford-Simpson-Armmstead classic “I Don’t Need No Doctor”. Two sides of heat that will rock your socks as well as the dance floor. This one is exclusive to vinyl only. The record is done in limited quantities so don’t sleep or this one will be gone. Listen to both records below and then buy after the stream. Good on Légère Recordings, this is a keeper.

Get the record here.

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