Madlib – Road of the Lonely Ones

The path that J-Zone has created for himself: from rapper to in-demand drummer and bandleader is a story we have talked about on more than one occasion here at Flea Market Funk. Not an easy road by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s a tale that proves that hard work pays off. You can create your own lane. You can control you hard work, your craft, and what you want to do. Sacrifice is absolutely necessary, and the man has made sacrifices to get where he is. His break beat record series (upcoming is number five) has been an inspiration for producers world wide. So much, that he’s been sampled by the likes of Dangermouse, Prince Paul, and now Madlib.

When I began releasing breakbeat records for the working musician to sample without corporate BS and legal entanglements in 2014, I had no idea these things would be used by legendary producers like Danger Mouse, Alchemist, Prince Paul and now, Madlib. But here we are, and many of the more high profile uses have actually been cleared! To begin as a sampling producer at 16 and end up pursuing a path as a drummer and session musician in my late 30s presented a lot of challenges and was (and still is) unnerving at times, but placements like these sure help and overall it’s been a welcome and unexpected twist to my life in music


The latest use of the man’s drum work is on the new Kieran Hebden arranged Madlib Invazion track “Road of the Lonely Ones” from the Lp Sound Ancestors. Alongside Jay’s drums are familiar, super sweet vocals. These come courtesy of ’70s Philly soul group The Ethics off of some demos put out by Jamie Records sometime in the early 2000s. A great sample flip right here people and superb drum work as well. This one is dope as hell and we can only hope this will get a 7″ treatment? Come on Egon, what do you say? Listen to the track below.

More info here. Sound Ancestors releases January 2021.

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