Jaroo – One Love

This one flew out of nowhere and has steadily grown stronger and in heavier rotation here at Flea Market Funk. Coming straight out of London and from the Synethesia record is Jaroo with the single “One Love”. With a backing track produced by the never-failing Mankub, this is, like the song suggests, a “solid given”. Over a sonic landscape of midtempo drums, super warm keys, horn stabs, and a flute that just grabs your head and makes it nod, this is a late-year track that will carry you into 2021. As Jaroo drops the positivity and definitely throws out those PMA vibes, you can’t help but relate to this track whoever you are. Politics aside, and we all have our own opinions on that, this is a superbly produced track, and as Jarpoo waxes poetic about the positive things in life, the things that mean a lot, and that\s his people. It’s all love from start to finish and if you can’t come away after listening to this song with a little bit of positivity, we implore you to push play or drop the needle again. This is another one of those tracks that just make you feel good. These are strange, dark times people, and it’s really encouraging to see an artist like Jaroo and a producer such as Mankub keeping it all positive in such uncertain times. That’s why music rules. It can lift you up in your darkest of times. “One Love” does just that. Available on Gold On The Mixer records. Grab this seven, it’s one that has flown under the radar and is a ray of posi-vibes for all who listen. Stream the record below and more info on the link after.

More info and pre-order here.

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