Cap Matches Color

File this one under graffiti, spray can art or graff culture. Cap Matches Color the book, (in its second edition in paperback) is a definitive look at two decades of collecting vintage spray can artifacts. Not motivated by paper or profit, but for the love of the culture, CMC as a collective are three individuals with different backgrounds and skillsets who’ve come together to further the spray collecting culture and history through publications like the book, their website, and social media. From the use to the acquisition of vintage spray paints, this book is chock full of spray can and spray paint porn. Vintage advertisements sit alongside swatch colors, reference and color codes, and more. Even if you are a fan of graff and design from afar, this book is a really great look at the culture. Packed with photos, old ads, and more, this reference guide helps preserve the fading (pun intended) memories of spray brands, can graphics, and more.

Like any documentation of the history of a cultural phenomenon, the CMC crew have taken twenty years of digging for these paint artifacts and five years to make this very special book. The first printing went over so well, here we are on number two, and this one is moving just as fast. So if you love Krylon, Rustoleum, Montana, or any of the original, regional paints that have laid the foundation for spray paint art and culture, you need this book. With quotes from global writers, this book is the authority on the subject. Well done, and now in paperback, it’s a reference guide you can revisit over and over again whether you’re in the game or now. This is a really great independent project to back for sure. More info at the link below.

Get the book here.

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