Andy Szanky – Tomorrow Never Knows

This is something we have been feeling (we know it’s not Friday) and we wanted to share it with all of you today. Every once in a while a track comes through that grabs us, and this one is it. This track has the feel and emotion of what is happening all around us today. It rings as true as any song that’s out there today. We’re speaking of Andy Szanky and his version of The Beatles’ “Tomorrow Never Knows”. Updated with some synth-pop goodness and downbeat psychedelic feels, the vocals on this track are spot on. Like a person emerging from a smokey haze somewhere in the Midlands in the 1990’s, bucket hat pulled low, most definitely a smiley face button somewhere on their person, this is the last track you’d hear as the sun rises up over the horizon and the PA starts to shut down. Muddied party-goers all moving in unison to this track all break into applause as it fades out and no one knows what their future holds after the previous night. Sound familiar? Perhaps not to all, but this is really a message to the end of 2020: tomorrow never knows. It doesn’t, and in a lot of ways, all we have is this music by talented artists like Szanky to lead us to the sonic promised land and keep up hope. He really does a bang-up job with this one, and like us, you’ll be putting this on repeat for a while.

Check out the track below:

Watch the video edited by William Barber for the track here:

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