St. Germain – Rose Rouge (Nightmares on Wax ReRub)

This entire record has been a favorite here at Flea Market Funk for quite some time. The epic Tourist from St. Germain, twenty- years strong and still sounding fresh has now got a rerub of the classic banger “Rose Rouge” from George Evelyn a.k.a. DJ E.A.S.E. With the original Marlena Shaw sample still prevalent throughout, E.A.S.E. makes this track his personal Nightmares On Wax vibe from start to finish. Fusing jazz, downtempo, and other grooves, this has the signature NOW sound all over it. No overpowering thump, but a sound that takes you by the hand and leads you right to a positive space to get free, a secluded spot to move, or wherever you want to go. Feeling like you can’t get what you want ’til you know what you want if you know what we’re saying, this one builds up into something that can get people to where they want to go. One time for your mind! Horn stabs and piano riffs plus beefy percussion throughout will make this new relick stand the test of time from Ibiza to NYC and beyond. When you think about a feel-good track, this is one if we’ve ever heard it. This is a side that can definitely go with a lot of nights: dance, downtempo, late-night vibes, and more. No stress at all, this new reworking of the essential St. Germain classic should have you in the right headspace no doubt. Definitely excited that this one is ready to go right at this moment. Listen to the track below.

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