El Michels Affair – Murkit Gem

It’s always a good day when a new El Michels Affair record is announced. After 2020’s smash cinematic and moody Adult Themes, they return with Yeti Season. We all heard a snippet of the record and a preview of what’s to come with the 2018 single featuring Piya Malik, “Unathi”. A great two sider of heat with Malik’s soothing and haunting Hindi vocals setting the tone over EMA’s authentic world soul and what was on the horizon. Here we are three years later and Yeti Season is the change we are all looking for.

When Piya started singing in Hindi, she had a different voice, a different tone. I knew we had to do something together

Leon Michels

 Malik is featured on three tracks, the aforementioned and it’s flip, Zaharila,”, as well as the latest we’re hearing from the long-player: “Murkit Gem”. A psychedelic soul number with Malik again putting her siren’s song over some fuzzy guitars, a Shaolin bass line, and signature tough EMA drums. This is a beautiful piece, and if you’re familiar with her work with 79.5, you know the range she has in her voice and what she can add as not just a backup or chorus singer, but lead vocalist as well. It’s enchanting and mesmerizing, and as the organ fades along with her vocals, you’re sad. The needle needs to be put on once again for another spin. The record also features an appearance by The Shacks Shannon Wise who was featured on Adult Themes as well. Finishing this project during the lockdown, El Michels Affair has another arrow in the quiver of their musical career. They’re evolving always in all ways.

Along with the LP, Big Crown are offering up a box set that features and opaque green LP, a 50 page children’s book written by Francine Prose and illustrated by Omar “El Oms” Juarez and inspired by the album, as well as a Companion Little Crown / Big Crown 45 pressed on blue vinyl. 7″ features non-album cut “It’s Yeti Season” with Malena Ruiz-Michels reading the book over a track by El Michels Affair & The Shacks.

Listen to the track below:

Pre-order the record here via Big Crown, out 3/18.

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