Feeling This Friday: The Damn Straights – Blow It Up

There’s been a long history of rock and rap. From Aerosmith and Run DMC to Public Enemy’s use of a Slayer sample to The Judgement Night soundtrack and beyond, all we know that when it’s done right, it smokes. A lot to argue too about rock-rap bands, but that’s for another time. What we’re feeling this Friday is the second single from The Damn Straights. The Damn Straights are Lack of Afro and Herbal T, both successful artists in their own right in this wide world of music. But coming together as The Damn Straights, they’ve picked up momentum, whether it be places like this, the BBC, or wherever their wave of mutilation is unleashed. With a record coming out shortly, this duo proceeds to give you what you need on”Blow It Up”. Like a bull through a china shop, this heavy track with even heavier guitars and an apocalyptic beat as infectious as they come (and clocking in at just under two minutes as punk rock as they come as well). We love to hear artists known for rocking a funky beat flip the script and go into heavy mode. Doesn’t work in all cases, but on “Blow It Up” The Damn Straights are on to something. Listen to this, then listen again. You might even want to listen to it a third time. 2020 was weird, and 2021 is even weirder. You need some music to ground you. This one will wake up your ears and soul. Stream the track below and purchase after the stream. Another banger just like the first.

Get the track here.

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