Skinshape – Arrogance Is The Death Of Man

With a second record in under a year, Skinshape is back again with another must-have Lp entitled Arrogance Is The Death Of Man. His last record, Umoja, was applauded by everyone from global DJs to BBC 6 , and this latest effort is destined to do the same. For those who jumped on board from 2018’s Filoxiny and the aforementioned record’s sounds on worldwide playlists and beyond, AITDOM is a smooth ride from start to finish. Anchored by the track “Another Day”, a tale of daily affirmations and philosophies (and a bang-up track to boot), the record’s ten tracks were written and recorded between November of 2019 and July of 2020, and due to COVID-19 lockdown, the majority of it at home. Standout tracks include “Flight of the Erhu” (featuring Wan Pinchu on Erhu violin) and “The Eastern Connection”, which could easily fit in on some indie foreign movie soundtrack (and give Khruangbin and El Michels Affair company in this music environment). Will Dorey has been influenced as of late by vintage Vietnamese music and Asian film scores and the outcome is very pleasing. Others include “Behind The Sun”, a lazy psychedelic soul instrumental that could end anyone’s day in a beautiful way, while “Tomorrow” strums along just perfectly over nicely crafted drums. On a whole, this record is best listened to from beginning to end, and while we gave it a test on a proper audiophile setup, our second trip through the headphones was delightful and time well spent. Arrogance Is The Death Of Man is so far, one of the best present-day records we have heard in ’20/’21. For those looking for a solid Lp to wind down to at the end of a long day, this is it. Listen to the record below and order after the stream.

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