Andre Cruz & The Ready Steady – Good To Be Home

Coming off of his latest single, a Donny Hathaway cover on the illustrious Mango Hill label, newcomer Andre Cruz is gaining some traction here in 2021 on the soul scene. Produced by Chris Lujan, the tireless bandleader/ musician/ producer, and funk and soul man (who recently has backed Dee Dee Simon’s female version of “What’s Left To Give” and the upcoming, anticipated “Learned The Hardway” from Trish Toledo on Mango Hill) has struck soul gold once again with Cruz and this forty-five. Lugnut is known for getting to the nitty-gritty, and whether it’s funk or soul (in this case soul) laying down tracks that are future classics for the next generations to grab a hold of

When I began work on this song, the first image that came to mind was that of an airplane, getting ready to take me home, wherever that might be. I wanted to express the feeling of peace I feel whenever I enter into a space that I consider “home”.

Andre Cruz

The track, “Good To Be Home” was recorded over at Lugnut Brand Headquarters over on the West Side, ya dig? The low down, sweet like honey soul is a great side for his debut. Recorded straight to tape, Lujan is careful to get those vintage recording details down, as this one could be early ’70s, but here we are in 2021 feeling like we’re almost fifty years plus back music wise. It’s a bare bones, sweet tribute to whereever you call home. The flip finds Cruz alongside Lujan and Electric Butter and a stripped version of their track “(Until You]) Come Back To Me. Soulies, you’re in for a treat today. Stream the track below.

Pre-order starts Feb. 5th, so stay tuned.

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