Whatitdo Archive Band – The Black Stone Affair OST

We dig a good soundtrack here, and whether it’s an obscure reggae movie score (Smile Orange), or more mainstream stuff like Super Fly or The Mack, or music from a Spaghetti Western, we’re all ears. The masters like Morricone and the like knew how to keep your ear captured and apply that to the cinema. Record Kicks has gotten their hands on a long, lost soundtrack from the Whatitdo Archives Group. The Black Stone Affair, directed by the visionary Stefano Paradisi was thought to be lost alongside the soundtrack. Recently, the master reels have been recovered. A bonus for all of us. The masters were meticulously restored by Ventura, CA by J.J. Golden and we’ve got the finished product for you here today. This visionary lost his masterpiece to a fire, but we’ve got this found soundtrack to paint a sonic picture of the film with the OST. This could have been up there with Leone and Antonioni, but as tragedy struck, it was not to be. We are fortunate to have the soundtrack given to us by the obscure band the Whatitdo Archive Group though. The only teaser we have from this soundtrack so far is the track “Ethiopian Airlines”. An international funk side that runs the gamut from African funk to psychedelic and cinematic tones throughout, the rest of the record delves into library-Esque and soundtrack soundscapes. Taking the listener on a journey for the elusive Black Stone, it’s the soundtrack you never knew existed or needed. But let’s face it, you do. Stream the track below and pre-order after the song. The album is available from Record Kicks on April 9th.

Pre-order the record here.

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