Andy Cooper – Tension Release

Once again my friends we have a track from the rap innovator and emcee who single handedly keeps the fast rap genre alive like it was ’88, Andy Cooper. His latest single off of his third solo effort L.I.S.T.E.N.’ (Lyrical Innovation Supplying The Ear’s Need), is “Tension Release”. Another hip hop journey through sound that has the minerals to get you going through the day from start to finish

The scene today is so dependent on fast-paced, social media marketing and instant reactions that I don’t believe the audience has time to actually listen to songs and enjoy them; which, in my opinion, diminishes the value of music. I’m inviting people to soak in this wonderful art form because it’s one of life’s greatest reprieves.

Andy Cooper

With the spirit of classic hip hop coursing through its veins and a bass line that simply will not quit, Cooper, with help from The Allergies DJ Moneyshot bob and weave in the musical ring like Cassius Clay on this single. We love the breakdown where Cooper flexes his rap chops over a plethora of carefully crafted beats and samples. His take no prisoners upbeat flow keep this track standing head and shoulders above the rest right now. Aptly named, “Tension Release” it’s just that. Put it on, you’ll have a hard time not moving, relieving any sort of negative energy and tension that’s around you. This single is one piece of the puzzle that is his latest full length that is a great, straight through listen. You can listen to the single below and purchase the long player from Unique Records after the stream.

Get the single here on Unique Records.

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