The Still Brothers (feat. Marina B) – Wake Up

Cover art by Sofia Ohanna

More heat coming out of The Lewis Recordings camp as NYC duo The Still Brothers drop a second single in “Wake Up”. Andrew LeCoche (Ula Ruth) and Evan Heinze (The Shacks) are back in business, and in true Still Brothers fashion, they’ve created another track that captures the gritty feel of the streets. Created on a cloudy day in the winter of 2019, “Wake Up” features the vocals of Brazilian singer Marina B. Hearing the track in her sleep, she immediately wrote the song when she woke up. The Still Brothers rummage through a grip of their favorite sounds to give us a heavy backbeat that falls into tight breakbeat business. Marina B’s dreamy and prophetic vocals (sung in Portuguese) add an extra layer of goodness to this track. This was pre-Covid, and the first line translated is: “the world has transformed, the rules have changed” and “[she] will have to get used to it. Eerie stuff, but that just adds to the magic of the track and the body of work by The Still Brothers. This song takes you on that trip on the L train, headphones on, the soundtrack to a lazy morning circulating through your body. Subway sounds, heavy drums, an OST to the daily grind, which in 2020 changed quite a bit for the world. Mixed by Will Dorey aka Skinshape, you can hear his touch throughout. The Still Brothers are the ones to watch. Featured on the pages of Flea Market Funk previously, their music is lo-fi, psychedelic, jazzy, and soulful, an almost perfect combination of sounds. With each single getting better and better, we’re excited to hear what’s next from this talented duo. Listen to “Wake Up” below and order the forty-five after the stream.

 Order the record from Lewis Recordings here.

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