Feeling This Friday: Skeme Richards – Psych Sounds

Always good to see the homie Mr. Fantastic aka The Nostalgia King put together another project. His relationship with Philadelphia’s Record Breakin’ Records continues as he releases yet another limited edition cassette mix. Always introducing the listener to the music they may not have otherwise heard, he expands off of his New Library Sounds release with his latest: New Psych Sounds. While the previous dealt with ’60s and ’70s Library Music sounds performed by modern bands, the present cassette does the same, but with psychedelic, cinematic, and fuzzed-out music from today. Always digging deeper, this new release is looking for the listener who can get from behind the boom-bap for a bit and has an open mind for other music, even if it’s not their cup of tea. We’ve said it for years, the transition to psychedelic music is a natural progression for deep diggers and music appreciators due to the heavy and open drum breaks. But it’s also for the sample-based producers, too. These kinds of tracks are ripe with sounds to be chopped and flipped, but if that’s your game, we don’t have to tell you. Constantly evolving as a DJ and ambassador to this game we call music, Skeme Richards is the gentleman who just keeps pushing forward no matter what. The Rock Steady Crew DJ really shows that music has no borders and that we can all find a piece of happiness in music if we just open our minds and ears just a little. No digital on this one, it’s a strictly analog release. The cassette is limited to 200, and they’ll sell out fast, so order from the link below. We’re feeling this project this Friday and it’s got a dope promo video here.

Buy the cassette here.

Dig Deeper!

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