DJ Paul Sitter: Money Boovin’

Continuing in the  4th edition of the Funky Shit series, Russia’s DJ Paul Sitter comes correct with another banger. This time he hits up some later Beastie Boys tracks and edits them in an oh so funky way. “Money Boovin’ ” taps into some Norman Cook sounds and combines the Beasties with a grip of beats, sounds, samples, and grooves from the man who had Christopher Walken dancing across your screen like Fred Astaire with grooves for days and DJ sets until the break of dawn. Expertly put together and made for maximum head nods and dance floor grooves, you’ll be saying “Oh my God that’s the funky shit!” in no time. These sonic collages pay tribute not to just the Beasties, but of the mastery of Fat Boy Slim and a bit of his catalog as well. We’re always up for a Beastie twist. Whether it be J-Rocc, Cut Chemist, DJ Paul Nice, or the many other remixes and re-edits over the years (remember the Daft Punk blend?), these edits go right up there with the best. The late ’90s are back and so is the Big Beat with this track. The flip is Tony Lavrut’s “Arcticgalactic”, another take on the seminal Beastie hit “Intergalactic”, but with 8-Bit aesthetic and style, sci-fi bits and bobs, and more beats than you can shake your rump to. If you like the B-Boys then this one is for you. We’re just happy to hear some late 1990s tracks being sampled (even if they were samples of other tracks). Bonus for including that Ann Robinson joint, one of our favorites here at the Funk. Stream, “Money Boovin’ ” below and purchase the forty-five after the stream. Let me get some action from the back section.

Get the 45 here.

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