Afro Dub: Afro Cocktail II

If you’re not familiar or aware of the Sound Exhibitions Italy, here’s a bit of a back story. Originally founded in 2010 as a club for people who loved alternative music, the label itself took root in 2012 and was founded in Olbia in Sardinia, Italy. The label is really dedicated to sophisticated music lovers who not only can appreciate their roster of eclectic sounds and rhythms (house, electro, disco, downtempo, funk, salsa, jazz, and more) but who also share their same positive vibrations and outlook on dance music and dance music culture. Taking the label and their music mainstream and introducing the world to their sound is what they are setting forth to do, so it’s no surprise that their latest offering is a blend of many genres with one central theme: it’s funky.

With four tracks, the latest forty-five from the label from Afro Dub feels like a secret weapon in a record box for a DJ who wants to drop this on their night. Before you go any further, we know their aren’t many DJ nights with crowds these days, but let’s keep it handy until we can. “Nights On Funk” is a mid 90’s tempo with a great bass line, some guitar, ample horn stabs, and a back beat that knocks. “Funk & Afro 12” has a heavy bass line that commands respect. It’s a head nodder with a subliminal message to move your body. Flipping the record over, “Funk & Afro 14” is an upbeat, late ’70s feeling side that we could easily see EWF laying down as a breakdown in one of their live and on stage shows. Flashy, high tempo, and some crazy horns. This one’s the sleeper. Finishing up, “Fast Funk” goes out on a high note. This is the bass line we’ve been waiting for and it gets delivered. Lots of wah-wah guitar, we can imagine the dance floor getting worked up into a frenzy and if played live, the crowd going nuts. The breakdown is pretty dope as well. Great to see these four tracks from Afro Dub and looking forward to hearing more from this underground label. Steam the record below and order from their bandcamp page after the stream.

Get the record here.

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