Steady Sun: Truth Is A Needle

It’s interesting to see how Daptone Records have pivoted after the loss of such great artists like Sharon Jones, Charles Bradley, and Dan Klein of The Frightnrs. The trailblazers of funk and soul have kept that spirit going always in all ways, and with their rock imprint Wick, have set the course for new, uncharted territories. We’ve heard music from bands The Mystery Lights, Michael Rault, Ar-Kaics, The Jay-Vons, and more. Still, with that same drive and satisfaction as they had in the beginning, although the music may sound a bit different on this imprint, the goal is still the same: put out interesting and different music that resonates with the people. The latest, and newest debut coming on Wick is Steady Sun has done just that. They’re not new to the scene and it’s great to see them affiliated with this storied label. With their single “Truth Is The Needle”, they’ve given us a nice slice of psychedelia here in 2021.

It was an honor and a blast to record it, mostly to tape, at the legendary Daptone studio.

Steady Sun

It’s not this New York band’s first rodeo (making records that is), but if as a listener, you dabble from the soul and funk offerings to psychedelic soul, fuzzy ballads, or folky, cosmic sounds, then this forty-five is for you. “Truth Is The Needle” is really some authentic, modern psychedelic sound. With an aural nod to some heavies of the past on this record (listen close), it’s a spacey trip through the cosmos. The heavy bass and some airy, floating guitars push out of the universe vocals to the stellar regions of your mind. Daptone is onto something with this band, and in our opinion, this is the band to watch from the Wick imprint. This single has left us with: when is a full length coming out, and when can I put headphones on, get high, and listen to the full length in a field Upstate on a starry Summer’s night? Looking forward to that. Listen to the track below and order the record after the stream.

Order the record here.

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