Born In A Car Crash

For us here at Flea Market Funk, books and records go hand in hand. They are both a drug that can get us excited and also frustrated (as in where am I going to put all of these objects?) as we search on the daily for these things to enrich our minds, make us feel good, and also inform and educate. They give pleasure and at the end of the day, we’ll find the storage and our life will be that much sweeter knowing we knew who the stand in bass player was on that private press jazz record from ’67 and why he did what he did. Which brings us to our feature today.

The argument that this music (rhythm and blues) was “born in a car crash, and instead of being crippled by the weight, used the experience as inspiration to create beauty & joy

For those of you who got Morgan “Moman” Nixon’s previous book No Man Is An Island where he took the reader on a journey of choice Studio One pressings (a reggae collector’s dream), he’s back once again with another book. This time, Born In A Car Crash, a guide to 1950s and 60s rhythm and blues 45s explores the myriad of essential R & B tracks from that time period in Black American music that was riddled with segregation, social tumult, the civil rights movement, and international conflicts, and as a result, hatched some of the best and wildest forty-fives in the history of the medium. The argument that this music (rhythm and blues)was “born in a car crash, and instead of being crippled by the weight, used the experience as inspiration to create beauty & joy.” These records were born out of the struggle and it was that very prolific time period that helped shape the sound of these records.

This full-color book, beautifully done (artwork by Mark Vernall) contains 242 entries of blues and R & B record scans and was high quality offset printed in Berlin. At 256 pages, this book will hopefully shed the light on these artists, who let’s face it, had their music and sound stolen from them and exploited by others, and make their names and music as popular as those who gained fame off their backs. A must for any record collector no matter what genre you stack on your shelves. Beautifully and professionally done, this is one that we’ll be referencing for years to come. Purchase below from The Long Road Society.

Get the book here.

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