The Harlem Gospel Travelers: God’s Gonna Move His Hand

With one more notch in the vinyl record belt, Colemine Records is back once again with a sure shot forty-five. In yet another stunning record from their Devotional Series, they bring us a new record from The Harlem Gospel Travelers. We’ve heard previous forty-fives “My God Has A Telephone”, which has been covered a few times, most notably in Czech, and “He’s On Time”, both incredible pieces of music. Under the tutelage of the great Eli “Paperboy” Reed, this band has been shooting for the stars and reaching them.

Bringing the positive vibes your way in an otherwise uncertain and constant changing world, this group of talented, young musicians are not from Harlem, but from all over NYC. They did however, congregate and make the journey to W. 126th Street in Harlem to the Gospel For Teens educational program where they listened to the masters of the genre: The Soul Stirrers, The Swan Silvertones, The Violinaires and The Swanee Quintet, among others. They were able to take these legends in and in no time create sweet gospel music on their own. The latest effort, available on the ever reliable Colemine Records is “God’s Gonna Move His Hand”.

This track is a bright ray of sunshine from start to finish. They are mature beyond their years, The Harlem Gospel Travelers could move mountains with their voices. If you’re not a fan of gospel music, this band will make you one. It’s a beautiful track, with organ and backbeat complementing the vocals oh so nice. It’s time to go to church, so pay attention, this is a masterclass of what gospel music is. Always the students but forging their own sound, The Harlem Gospel Travelers are here to stay. Listen to the song and pre-order after the stream.

Pre-order the record here, available May 7th.

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