Feeling This Friday: Ajax Tow (feat. Miriam Makeba) – Magic Myriam

It’s Friday and here’s what we are feeling. This time it’s on the esteemed Stereophonk label out of France. The French groove and paint collective. leave us with some good vibes with Ajax Tow’s “Magic Myriam” off of The Soul Vegetable Orchestra long-player. Stereophonk has always had a history of releasing music for the B-Boy and B-Girl in your life as well as keeping things funky with a capital F. This time is no different. With a changing musical landscape remaining as funky as it can be, Tow gives us a perfect sound for not just the end of the week, but whenever you need a pick me up.

Conjuring up images in your mind of some long-lost Spaghetti Western put together with some very danceable beats, this track features the late singer Miriam Makeba (of “Pata Pata” fame and more) who’s vocals blend nicely together with the grooves. Building up like a pale ride who is riding into town, the afro-funk grooves that lead right into some Morricone guitars lend themselves beautifully to Makeba’s voice. It is for sure a trip, and the best part about it is that it’s your trip, and you can put this piece of the uplifting positivity puzzle however you want. Collaborating on drums and production with Dan Voisin (Modul-Club, Eighty) as well as Rennes city scene musicians, this track is just the tip of the iceberg of the many moods and feels of Ajax Tow on this record. We’re hooked on it, and you will be too. Listen to the track below and purchase after the stream.

Get the record here.

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