Feeling This Friday: Greg Belson Divine Funk Box Set

Well it’s Friday and who can pass up some damn good funk records? As a pre-cursor to the huge Diving Funk compilation Cultures of Soul are doing with Greg Belson, they’ve decided to do a very limited run of seven inches in a box set that all you funk heads might be interested in. Super heavy and rare as hen’s teeth, these gospel forty-fives are pure fire. We’re talking music for the lawd! people. We’re talking dressed to the nines on a Sunday morning in 90 degree Georgia heat sweating it out for the sake of their lord and savior JC. Get the picture? Belson has a knack for digging up some of the most sought after and hard to find gospel records (soul, funk, disco, etc.) and this box set is indeed one that should be taken into consideration if you dig the funk (and we know you do!).

There’s five, count them five heavy hitters in this box bringing the tracks to ten sides of crazy gospel funk for you to freak out over. Check out the track listing below:

1-A. The Christian Harmonizers – Troubles of the World 
1-B. Gospel Travelers – Jesus Is Watching You

2-A. Wearyland Singers – If You See Me Doing Wrong
2-B. Chariettes Gospel Singers – Nobody But Jesus

3-A. Preacherman Isidore Womack – I’ve Got Power In My Mind
3-B. Allen Gauff, Jr. And His Combo – I Don’t Want To Be Alone

4-A. Birmingham Traveleers – Call Me, Answer
4-B. Gospel Ambassadors – This Little Light of Mine

5-A. Pearl Farano and the High Lites of Joy – Who’s Your Boss
5-B. Zella Jackson – Days Are Just Like People

Listen to the box set:

This box set is limited to 100 pieces, hand stamped, and once they are gone, they are gone for good. Don’t sleep. This is one of the best box sets of funk we’ve heard in a while!

Get the box set here.

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