Flea Market Funk Live On KPFK Los Angeles (Full Show)

It was indeed an honor to be featured this past week on Los Angeles’ KPFK’s Soundwaves Radio. Thanks to the gracious hosts DJ Seano and Val the Vandle for having Flea Market Funk roll through and play some records that we have been feeling in these crazy times. KPFK is a Los Angeles staple, having been on the air since 1959 and serving the LA and surrounding cities with eclectic, free form radio since that time. For this set, we chose to play a bunch of records (new and old) that we have been feeling as of late. It’s a jazzfunkpsychprogworld vibe that hopefully will put you in a good headspace. We were in good company on the show with the hosts and other selectors who guested with us, and we’re thankful for the opportunity to do what we love for some ears not just on the Left Coast, but around the globe. So put on some headphones, sit back, burn one down, and let this half-hour of our set take you to another place. Every day we’re learning about new music (this show included), so hopefully our set turned you on to something new.

Here’s the track list (mix tape style):

Pearls Before Swine – Drop Out!/ Time Is a Mountain – Tunnels In Time/ El Michels Affair – Dhuaan/ Spectrum – Do The Crab/ Kutiman – Elumi Tut/ Estrada – I’m Not In Love With You/ The New Sounds – Smile Of A Stranger/ Los Suspectos – Night Theme/ Doctor Bionic – 528 HZ/ Sun Ra – It’s Good A Day (5-inch flexi disc)

The mix starts about 1:51 or so, but we implore you to listen to the whole program where Supreme La Rock and Rev Shines (plus Seano) do their thing and open minds with all kinds of funky music.

Keep supporting independent DJs, artists, and free form radio wherever you can. Thanks for listening!

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3 responses to “Flea Market Funk Live On KPFK Los Angeles (Full Show)

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  2. Greetings from Chi-Town!

    I just finished listening to your KPFK performance and it was real nice.

    I’m a huge admirer of Rare Grooves and different Genres of Music in general and your mix really had my attention.

    I listened via Your Soundcloud Page.


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