Rita Ray: Love Ain’t The Same

We’re gonna slow down the pace a bit today as we’ve got the first single from Rita Ray on deck at the ‘Funk. We featured Ray and her last release Old Love Will Rust, a long-player left us with some deep soul, R & B, blues, and disco vibes. This cornucopia of aural delights left us not in just good spirits but wanting more of this siren’s musical medicine. That record, good people, if you don’t have it, is definitely one for your record shelves. With a 70s vibe that goes across the board, it’s for sure a sleeper that you’ll be revisiting again and again. So when Ray’s latest single (and video) for the new track came through, we had to get it out to your ears.

Ray’s approach on this new release, airy and soulfully atmospheric, truly a beautiful thing. Moving in and out of arrangements that could fit easily in Motown in their heyday, this melancholy slice of soul floats along like she’s walking on a cloud. In fact, Ray takes on the orchestral arrangements of the song as well as the lyrics, and lead the recording of an 11 piece string section at the famous Radio 1st Studio in Estonia. This legendary piece of history has been in operation since the 1950s, and we can only imagine the session in this one-of-a-kind place. This song screams out heartache, let’s face it, the music, arrangement, and overall feel of this track just grab you right in and will have you singing along by the end of it. Her string arrangements have added another level and depth to an already beautifully written song. We called it on her earlier release, but we’ll say it again. Rita Ray is here to stay, an unsung soulstress with a huge bag of musical talent that can give us many genres quite well. Watch the video below (her first!), and grab the track after the stream. Look out for the full length to follow.

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