Liam Bailey feat. Lee “Scratch” Perry: Ugly Truth (Remix)

Liam Bailey has been killing the music game for a minute now. The super talented artist is following up his smash Ekundayo long-player with a double-sider of heat on Big Crown Records. 2019’s record of the year here at Flea Market Funk “Champion” gets the remix treatment with none other than the hardest and best spitter out there, Black Thought of The Roots crew. The elevation going on on this record is really out of sight as they take an already banger of a song and move it to a higher plane.

What we are really excited about though, is the B-Side. Here Bailey teams up with one of, if not the biggest character, brick layer, grandfather, and influencer of reggae music, Mr. Lee Perry. Perry, eighty-four years young is still making music, and making it well. With no signs of stopping until he blasts off to another universe, he joins Bailey on this banger of a remix of the track called “Ugly Truth”. Stripped down by producer Leon Michels, he leaves it open for Scratch to do this thing, which runs the gamut from singing, casual conversation, and whatever else he feels like. It’s the Scratch way. The result? A definite Big Crown shotter and another feather in the cap of Bailey, the label, and Michels, who at this point is pretty unstoppable in the studio. This one definitely sets a mood, and with Scratch getting ready to take a trip around the earth via his own personal rocket ship, the listener gets to strap in as well and enjoy the ride. Listen to both tracks below and purchase after the stream. Big choons all around.

Get the record here from Big Crown.

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