Propo’88 & Wildelux are.. Certified Craftsmen

Last year we premiered a single “Still People” from the dynamic duo Certified Craftsmen to much applause. Fast forward to March two to the one, and Propo’88 & Wildelux have a long player out. A hip hop force to be reckoned with their full length is pure fire. With a boom bap mind set and a no bullshit attitude, they not only embody the swagger and attitude of those top emcees and DJs from that Golden Era, but take those qualities and proceed to catch wreck on the music industry in the present with this release.

For me, a ‘craftsman’ means a person who has honed his/her craft over the years, without the pressure of being down with the latest fad or wave


If you thought “Still People” hit hard, they’ve got a baker’s dozen more of harder hitting, go for the gusto boom bap, funky as your grandpa’s drawers tracks. From the jazzy piano and tough as nails but smooth raps on “Pieces Of A Man” to the blow up of “Fire In The Hole” (featuring DJ Robert Smith to the clever beats/ raps of “Here’s An Idea”, the Dutch/ Japan via the Bronx connection is making moves like the FBI grabbing Capitols rioters: intelligent and swift. We’ve been nodding our head to “Big Bizniz” for a minute, believe that. Pay attention, there are some hard truths in that track.

This full length is a huge breath of fresh air right now. We’re so tired of Tik Tok syrupy beats and dance moves. If that’s what you’re looking for, you need to move on. This is grown folk hip hop; mature B-boy business and real world move making men who can craft a tight beat and spit a bar that means some thing. They never let you see the progress, just the final results, and these results are dope. Listen below and order from Rucksack Records after the stream.

Get the record here.

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