Holy Hive: I Don’t Envy Yesterdays

We’re always happy when we hear something new from the always moving forward, dreamy Holy Hive. The gang are back with a brand new set of songs after much success of their debut on Big Crown Records in 2020 with Float Back To You. Another band that have grabbed their fanbase globally with a unique blend of folk and soul, once you get a taste of the Hive, you’ll be hooked at their sweet and smooth honey like tracks.

Their sophomore record is due out this Fall, so sweet rejoice at more of this band’s honeycomb hideout vibes.

This double-side of goodness on BCR just elevates their game further. The A-Side, “I Don’t Envy Yesterdays”, a track that was recorded in the desert of the Yucca Valley of California has vocalist Paul Spring taking on some deep philosophical issues. With just their bass, drums, guitar, and vocals on the track, they make this airy, and atmospheric song seem as fun as a day at the park on a warm day. Part of the charm of this band is that the music is so attractive, they make you feel good right on the spot after listening to a single like this. Instant good vibe no matter what the topic. The flip side has Spring talking of long lost love. “Color It Easy” paints a picture that we all can understand. Let’s not overlook the superb drumming of veteran drummer Homer Steinweiss who comes correct and on point with the buttery backbeats. This newer wave of folk soul bands sees Holy Hive up at the top and going for more. Their sophomore record is due out in the Fall of this year, so sweet rejoice at more of this band’s honeycomb hideout vibes. With a seven inch is so soulful, you’ll have a hard time not dropping the needle on it over and over. Big Crown were definitely on to something with this band, a classic sound that will preserve itself decades to come. Listen to the single below, and purchase after the stream.

Get the record here.

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