Jo Ann Hamilton & The Kevin Fingier Collective: September

We’re feeling this new Kevin Fingier project today here at The Funk. He takes his magic touch and links up with Jo Ann Hamilton, Georgia born Southern soul singer to give us a record that will no doubt blow socks off when it comes out. Hamilton was brought up on soul and rhythm and blues music and inspired by Diana Ross and the Supremes, began her singing career in a gospel choir from the Melton Chapel church. She’d go on to become a part of the disco scene in the 1970s and here in the present day has joined the talented Fingier in Buenos Aires, Argentina to lay down a few belters on wax.

I love to mix concepts, and to create hybrid tracks. In September, I composed it and arranged it as if was an R & B track, but produced it as a Northern Soul, and then in “I Without Love” I produced it as an R & B but added to it a funky groove so it’s funkier than early ’60s R & B, but without loosing that obscure popcorn feel that I love so much.”

Kevin Fingier

Both sides of this stick of dy-no-mite are for sure going to earn a spot in your record box and will thrill the soul clique immensely. The A-Side, “September”, which we get a tease of in the video below, is a track that would have driven the crowd at Wigan Casino bonkers. Very classic 1960s feel and sound, and Hamilton knocks it in the back of the goal with this one. But as always, Fingier is not done. He’s not going to let one side take the cake, now way. The flip, “I Without Love” is a funky, R & B exotic track that rounds out this seven nicely. This debut from Hamilton comes out on the Fingier label on April 23rd. Listen below and pre-order after the snippet. Tough stuff everyone should have a copy of!

Pre-order the record here.

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