Pat Van Dyke & Alex Tea: When It’s Time

Once again we hear from the multi-talented PVD aka Pat Van Dyke and another round of music that just blows like the fresh breeze on a Summer’s night. This time he’s been releasing tracks on Fridays with vocalists for the past few weeks and will continue to do so for the next few. He’s linked up with Alex Tea on the track “When It’s Time” and we just can’t stop playing it.

Van Dyke has run the gamut in his career from funk to soul to hip hop to rock to lo-fi and also to jazz and beyond. And whether it’s playing live or making music for the myriad of movies and television shows his music gets picked for, the multi-instrumentalist and band leader does it well. In this series of songs he’s releasing with singers, this one with another multi-instrumentalist, composer, and artist Alex Tea, who’s CV includes Sanaga. Neon Sine, and Orquestra Raiz among others. “When It’s Time” is a soulful and jazzy piece that pleads the case: “when it’s time to let go, it’s time”. And you know what? You’ll be just fine. This track is just fine and Tea, who hails from Jersey City pushes through this one lovely. Confident and cool, the man lays the vocals down nicely. All the music was performed by Van Dyke, and with additional flute by Zac Colwell as well as mastering my K-Def, it’s another hit in the record box of PVD. If history has told us one thing, PVD will keep making hits no matter what. This one secures it. Do yourself a favor and go back into Pat Van Dyke’s catalog if you haven’t, there is so much to find and share and enjoy. Listen to this new track below and order it after the stream via his bandcamp page.

Get the record here.

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