Karol & Jeho Kapela – Celodenní (Mayer Hawthorne’s The Walk Czech Cover)

What we have here today is another heat rock from Memory Records Prague, who have given us Czech versions of The Flying Stars of Brooklyn, James Brown, and Otis Redding. These versions are spot on, translated to Czech and while they are not the original, we feel that the original artists would definitely be happy to hear some of their greatest tracks interpreted and spread around the world, bringing people together with music. So for their next release, Memory Records has taken on another modern soul track by the chameleon of an artist, Mayer Hawthorne. Whether it’s funk, soul, or boogie, Hawthorne has released some gems. This forty-five sees Karol & Jeho Kapela doing there version of his soul heater, “The Walk”

Interestingly enough, the label and artist manage to grab another record that will definitely raise eyebrows in the soul community, but will make also new listeners fans of the track and the band after listening to this seven for the first time. “Celodenní (All-day)” is as bright and airy as a lovely spring day’s stroll as Karol & Jeho Kapela nail this cover right on the head. We’re always impressed as how they can get their versions spot on with their own twist. If you had no idea what this track was, you’d still be able to groove. The fact that it’s a Mayer Hawthorne track and that the soul set will recognize it immediately is a plus, but we think the newcomers will be the ones that will get turned on the most from this record. Hopefully it spreads the good word of soul to the new generation of future soul lovers. Either way, it’s a hit. Listen to the track below and order after the stream.

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