GA-20: No No

It seems that the Massachusetts duo GA-20 has been busy during this pandemic. The blues rockers, whose debut record on Karma Chief/ Colemine Records Lonely Soul debuted at #2 on the Billboard Blues charts in 2019 just pushed the power button and has been crushing it ever since. We’re told that they have four records in the can this last year, so it seems like it was a productive and wild ride these past 365 days plus. They released the single “No No” recently.

“No No” is a bluesy rock and roller: plenty of fuzzy, cranked out guitar and powerful drums that propel this one from zero to one hundred quickly. A fast paced, head moving, sweating like a whore in church ball of fire, this one can fill a lot of gaps where you want to play it. Straight ahead, it’s a dirty blues rock bomber that explodes into a frenzy. The guitar solo is in your face, and the years of playing shows and sharing stages with blues legends shine through. But GA-20 are their own people and they’ve taken those years and crafted their own sound. It’s also got this soulful element to it, and dropped at the right time it’s a dance floor filler, a curve ball that indeed can make people move. This record screams: “you got to move, baby.” This one is raw and absolutely a track that should not be missed. There may not be a lot of live shows at the moment, but this song is fire. Looking forward to seeing it live at some point. Stream the single below, and get more info from Colemine Records after the stream.

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