Ahemaa Nwomkro: Nana Kodajayen

It’s Friday and we wanted to once again share what we’re feeling. We’ve been doing this feature for quite some time and we feel it’s definitely one of the most fun highlights we do here at Flea Market Funk. It doesn’t always have to be music, as we’ve highlighted clothing, movies, books, and more. All artists, music, or things we really are getting into. Today we get into two queens hailing from Ghana who are doings big tings in their own right.

Victoria Osei and Theresa Owusuaa are Aheema Nwomkro, (queens of Nwomkro), and have put out this lovely forty-five on Philophon. Nwomkro , an old Ashanti music style has played an absolute influential role with other Highlife styles in Kumasi, Ghana. A cultural capital, this middle of the jungle location has lent a rootsy feel to the sounds coming out of it. The duo have teamed up with Kumasi’s younger and next generation of Highlife players on this release. They’ve also recruited the guitarist Akule Pepe (from legendary Highlife legend Alex Konadu’s band, a top and highly in demand group of its time) to play on the tracks. The result? Pure perfection and a shining example of how two forms of African music get together in harmony. Not often able to be pulled off, these two queens and their band put together two tracks that are sure to put a smile on those familiar with the African diaspora and its sound as well as those who are new kids on the block to it as well. Philophon has always gone above and beyond to bring the listener authentic and often unheard grooves from around the world. This is just one example of that. Listen to the track “Nana Kodajayen” below and pre-order the record, available on May 21st.

Pre-order the record here.

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