The Winston Brothers: Boiling Pot

Colemine Records coming back to you with a big bang today as the B-Side wins again and again on the latest forty-five from the label. In fact, they released four seven inches on one day. That’s gotta be some kind of record here, but we are not questioning it at all. The little label that has transformed into the label is back with some goodness that only they can sling out of their Loveland, OH HQ. We fancied this little ditty of a future want list record.

Today we’re highlighting The Winston Brothers out of Hamburg, Germany and their debut single’s B-Side “Boiling Pot”. The A is “The Winston Brother’s Theme”, which definitely bumps (and we wrote about it when it first debuted), but to be honest, Sebastian Nagel and company really go for the gusto on this instrumental seven’s back side. Throwing it back to the early part of the deep funk revival, this one’s got it all. Heavy drums fill the space with tight guitar and bass, horns that can’t be beat, and if you listen oh so closely the synth that just puts this thing into orbit. Lots of other percussion as well, this seven is a must have. We reviewed the A-side a year ago, and we are super pumped that Colemine has it coming up now. Leave it to this Midwest funk train to just keep rolling and rolling and rolling with music that will be loved for years to come. Like we said on the first side, we’re happy about the hat tip on the design tip to the greatest drum break you never heard of’

Listen to the record below and pre-order it from Colemine, it’s available on 4/23. Don’t sleep, this one’s got a groove for days. Dig!

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