Feeling This Friday: Sound and Vision Tees

We all have gone to live shows in our lifetimes and we all come back with a band tee. If I had a dollar for every band tee that I had in my lifetime, I’d probably have $500 or more. When I think of the band shirts that I got rid of, and one comes to mind, a promo Beastie Boys Ill Communication era tee that said “One Two, Oh My God” on the front and the record name on the back (all done in an architectural drawing style, I accidentally thrifted it!), it makes me sad. But, there is hope! A new shop has popped up on the web. Sound and Vision Tees is here for all of your vintage rap tees and more!

Put together by Jeff Swallom from Cultures of Soul Records, Sound and Vision is the new hub for any and everything vintage band tee. Need that Mos Def Run DMC bite tee? They’ve got it. 90’s era De La Stakes Is High short sleeve? It’s there. Original Nirvana, Sun Ra, LL CoolJ, and more. There are a grip of hand picked, authentic, and vintage tees. No Spencer gifts or Hot Topic stuff in these racks. It’s been a little while in the making but the store has finally launched. Like vinyl records collecting, collecting tees is also an obsession. We all do it. Favorite bands, favorite brands and we wear them until they fall apart. We’ll even wear the white ones if they’re rare enough, coffee stains an all. Now if rare and vintage tees are your game, Sound And Vision is the place to be. Click the link below and you might find something you dig. I know we did. We always ask the same question: do we need more records? Do we really need another tee? The answer is always a resounding YES!

We found this this dope Nas/ DMX Belly era tee. Can’t remember the last time we saw one of these things, most likely when the movie came out. Already bringing back good memories.

Sincere: “Yo, when’s the last time you read anything, man?
Tommy ‘Buns’ Bundy: Never, motherfucker.”

Check out the tees from Sound and Vision here.

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