Kerbside Collection: Cajun Jollof (Remixes)

When we were first starting out in radio at the mighty 91.7 WLFR in Pomona, NJ, our first slot was a reggae/ ska show called Trouser Music. We shit you not (pun intended). Great memories and a huge smile thinking about the many hot records we spun left of the dial. Now, every time we’re cruising in the car and hear a version of “Phoenix City” we get a bit nostalgic. So is the case today with this forty five that we have before us from Kerbside Collection.

Taking a slice off of their smasher of a third record in 2018 Smoke Signals, Kerbside Collection get the remix treatment off of a spicy little dish forty-five “Cajun Jollaf”. Named after an equally spicy dish of the same name, they have previously released the track in original form on the St. Petersburg, Russia funk label Spasibo Records!. So it’s only right that the Brisbane, Australia outfit get two proper remixes of the already hot track. The first take is from Paris DJs Grant Phabao who completely skas this thing out. Adding some heavy guitars and all the ska elements you really ever need in a song, you can pick it up, pick it up, pick it up and get down with the piano and horns throughout. Up-tempo and funky, this is a great start to this double sided heater. The flip goes in a totally different direction as TwoDee gives us a bit of a re-cook on the dub tip. Bringing up memories of classic Tubby, Scratch, and Fat Freddy’s Drop mixed in for good measure, this one is a winner as well.

Limited to only 300 records pressed, it’s available on the ever reliable Légère Recordings . Listen to both sides below and purchase after the stream. Add this one to your record box today, it’s a stone cold classic remix that feels and sounds good.

Get the record here.

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