Confucius MC: War And Peace

Here’s some late in the week heat coming out of the UK on the Young N Restless label. We’ve already heard a little bit of the album in the last single “Lanterns” off of the forthcoming from Confucius MC called “War And Peace”. Now, the latest single from the London emcee’s light shines bright in the night, beaming some great vibes all over the world.

With Keor Meteor handling the production, Con grabs the rock and let’s it fly hard from the first bell. Slinging knowledge and looking within with lyrics like: “Simple lives in a tangled web / We tend to simplify and take gambles less” to shots fired call out with ” You ain’t a rapper you just chat a lot / I been through your catalogue / You like to take pictures in your hat a lot”, representing both the war and the peace on this track.

War and peace

Maybe somewhere in between

Rarely seen

Living somewhere in a dream

Of a real place

Lyrically Con gets right down to the nitty gritty on this one. Thoughts coming straight off the dome shake it up and make you think. Meteor’s production has the minerals and the frequent collaborators really lay it down nice on this second offering from the upcoming full length. Like a prize fighter circling the ring to land the knock out punch to his opponent, these pugilists are precise with cutting rhymes and stacked beats until their opponents are laying on their back of the canvas. Don’t sleep on this track. Listen to it below and purchase after the stream.

Get the track here.

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