Kelly Finnigan: Can’t Let Him Down

Those who have not felt the magic of singer/songwriter, bandleader, musician, and the overall musical powerhouse of Kelly Finnigan, rejoice in the fact that this version of his song “Can’t Let Him Down” has been released by Colemine Records recently. You see, this is as good as a time as any to get into Kelly’s music. The times, the world, the everyday struggle, this is a perfect song to receive what the man has to offer, past, present, and future. Originally recorded for a BBC interview and performance, it’s truly one of the better songs (and versions) that we’ve been privy to in quite some time. A stripped-down, bare-bones version of the track of the closing song on Finnigan’s The Tales People Tell is really all we need today to get by.

“If you only had one day on the earth…” you could listen to this song and enjoy it the whole day through. Kelly has got a talent that has shone not just through Monophonics, but as a soulful, solo artist, weaving tales of everyday life that all people can relate to. “Can’t Let Him Down” is a great song in its original version, but we’ve always had a soft spot for acoustic versions; their nuances, little differences, and the heartfelt emotion that pours out. This time it’s Finnigan and a piano, trading emotions all the way through. Beautifully sung, you can hear (and feel) much emotion in this one. Hold on to it and embrace it, it’s authentic. Power to the people Kelly Finnigan, you’ve given us another beautiful song. Kudos to Colemine for getting this one out to everyone. Check out the track below.

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