Raw Soul: What Color

Leave it to Brewerytown Beats to come back hard with a forty-five like this and make us excited once again about funk records. You never lose the hunger for these kinds of records, but the chaps in Phil-a-delphia really know how to dig up some tough as dirt records and get them out to the public. They’re releasing the Mitzi Ross 45 (which we previewed last March) as well as this banger by Frankie Beverly’s Raw Express, “What Color?”

Previously never heard before, this alternate take of the track also known as “Color Blind” is an instrumental with some pretty heavy drums. We’re not talking heavy, but HEAVY. Mixed by the one and only Tom Moulton, this lost (and now found) classic “What Color?” also has the aforementioned instrumental on the flip. Moulton and Peter Humphreys mixed this bad boy to what they thought it might have sounded like in the 1970s, but in Stereo. These two masterminds lived through this era and are well equipped to get the feel and sound of a record like this because they were there. If you’re not familiar with the original, which came out on Gregar, here’s your chance to scoop it up when they release it. Fun fact, according to Kenny Young from the band, Raw Express played the song on the George Woods show on Channel 17 in Philadelphia in 1970. Who’s holding that video?

Check out a small audio snippet and short video here.

Watch out, you’ll snap your neck with those drums! Available May 7th.

Pre-order the digital file here, a forty-five is on the way soon.

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